Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Real Land of Soy and Agave... right here.

This is me in my Betsy Heaven.

Here I am getting kiss attacked (the only Betsy-approved attack besides: hug attacks, tickle wars and sneak raspberry attacks) by the very noble and loving Napoleon and his adorable, yet star-crossed, lover and former neighbor Sophie.

Up until last weekend, Sophie lived right next door with her parents Kathy and Aaron. Unfortunately, for us, Kathy is a super smart and now graduated MD who was offered a residency in the DC-area. After graduation, Kathy and Aaron packed up the house and moved across the country, leaving Sophie in Oregon with Kathy's parents until they can figure out a good way to move her, and Napoleon without his dearest love (besides Duncan and myself OF COURSE... Right Oly? Right Retsy! Ri rove rou and Runcan rore ran ranyone rin ra role ride rorld. - for those that don't speak Napoleonic: "Right Betsy! I love you and Duncan more than anyone in the whole wide world." - he is a very wise dog, and he almost has the English language down).

So obviously, last week I spent a ton of time with Sophie and had to photograph her. These may be evidence of why Kathy and Aaron decided not to offer us the opportunity to keep Sophie until they figured something out. Meaning, I would have stolen her from them. Like I said, Kathy is super smart and she knows how to keep her dog safe from grabby, yet loving, neighbors.

I give you, an ode to dogs. Or rather, an ode to Sophie and Napoleon.

Oly has known Soph since she was a wee pup. Kinda of makes him a cradle-robber. But a cute one, so it doesn't count.

Yes, she is as soft and crazy as she looks. It is the best kind of crazy.

You want an example of "the best kind of crazy"? I just happen to have one:

This is me trying to get Sophie to pose for a photo of just the two of us. It was a valiant attempt. Here is the best Duncan could capture of me and Captain Crazy:

At least she is still... but she isn't looking at the camera and I look real special. If you are lucky enough to have viewed some of my baby and childhood photos, this does not come as any sort of surprise. I have a long history of special photos.

And, I love dogs.

The End. Of this post, not my blog. I will be back to report on my most recent Kitchen Adventures: Indiana Evans and the Quest for the Rhubarb Pie, Raiders of the lost Tikka Masala and my favorite, Pineapple! Wouldn't "Pineapple!" be a great title for an adventure novel? I'd read it.


  1. You're special in the most adorable way I can think of.
    And I'm sorry I can't capture the true essence of you and Sophie together. Well, I guess that crazy action shot is the best, eh?

  2. I think the photos you captured show EXACTLY how Sophie is. They are perfect.

  3. I love rhubarb pie! And I love your new homepage!

  4. I didn't know there was such a thing as a brown border collie, but now I want one. Cute Sophie! Oh, and I want an Oly too.

    I like the new design of your blog, and now I'm hungry. I visited the pioneer woman blog (for a long time) yesterday. So did Bob....and he even posted a comment on her key lime pie recipe! (Sometime you should ask Bob about HIS key lime pie recipe. It is heaven in a pie pan.)


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