Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh cakes...

Just a short one, but I need to spread the love. The love of what? Of cakes. Specifically, cake wrecks.

I never thought I could get such a kick out of cakes, but through some web surfing I came across this blog:

The premise of the blog is to mostly feature cakes gone wrong, really wrong. This ranges from gross spelling errors, i.e "Marry Christnos", to grammatical errors, i.e. "Let's Snow!", to just really ugly cakes:

That one is for you, Chris and Lindy. A "beautiful" representation of a Longhorn...

A number of these cakes come from super market shelves, so I am pumped to run to the nearest Safeway and peruse the pre-made cakes.

At first glance, it doesn't seem that awesome, but I honestly am having trouble getting back to work and have had to stifle a number of giggles.

Also, it is up for a number of awards for the 2009 Bloggies If you enjoy this blog, I encourage you to give it a shout out at the Bloggies.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Numéro Deux

Oh man, who didn't love Tuesday? I totally spent the most time ever in my life in front of the television, well I wasn't necessarily in front of the television the entire time, but today was perhaps the longest time period our TV has been on continuously. The reason? The Most Bad Ass swearing in of a President EVER. I watched everything from the arrivals, to the official Inauguration, to Barack and company saying "Peace!" to W, to the luncheon, to the parade. Ridiculous I know, but I just couldn't get enough of seeing President Obama in action.

So to stay in the spirit of my last blog, here are some recent events that gave me joy:

On MLK Jr Day - a day that I have I tried to make a day of service, my roommate Anna and I volunteered with a group of mostly older women making baby blankets and baby bunting for a non-profit called Westside Baby. Last year, Anna and I planted trees with the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed and since we are super hard workers, we ended up doing most of the work and planted enough trees to meet our quota for a few years. This year we wanted to do something more people-oriented and the 5 hours we spent baby-blanketing totally met our demands. It could have been more awesome if we got to wrap babies up in the blankies, but I guess I can survive without it.

Obviously, Tuesday, January 20th gave us all a TREMENDOUS amount of joy. Here are some of my favorite shots of President Barack Obama, our fabulous First Lady, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, and someone leaving:

Bye Bye Bush!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Numero Uno

Hello Blogging World. I am up and running. Not literally, I am in fact seated and typing - but this brand spankin' new blog IS! Huzzah!

I have no plans as to what this blog o' mine will entail, or what it will evolve into. Only that I would like to have one and I, at times, enjoy writing.

For today, here are some recent events that made me happy:

Slumdog Millionaire Winning BIG at the Golden Globes!!!
This film was one of my four favorites films of 2008 (others include: In Bruges, The Dark Knight and WALL-E). Based on the book, Q & A, the film follows the story of how a "slumdog" - a kid from the ghettos of Mumbai - knows all of the answers on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Also, it is directed by Danny Boyle, who apparently has directed a number of my favorite films without my knowledge! Sneaky bugger! Fabulous film, if you haven't seen it. DO. NOW. Thank you.

January 1st, I made the incredibly wise decision of running the Resolution 5K and Polar Bear Dive. Yep, I ran 3 miles in 40ish degree weather, wind and rain added for a little spice, ran down a boat launch into Lake Washington, which was nice and toasty at 42 degrees, "ran" in and out of neck high water, and finished the last 100 meters in style. By style, I mean wet and cold. However not awesome that description may sound, do not be mislead; it was one of the best ways to start out the New Year and I fully plan to do it again next year. I am also looking for volunteers to join me! Duncan would have been there, but was scheduled to work, but makes mega bucks working on holidays. Jump in the lake in January, or go to work and rake in the dough?

Oh, and I totally beat that guy (1259). No one else seemed to really care to run after the "dive"...
And voila! My first blog! You are witness to it.

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