Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh cakes...

Just a short one, but I need to spread the love. The love of what? Of cakes. Specifically, cake wrecks.

I never thought I could get such a kick out of cakes, but through some web surfing I came across this blog:

The premise of the blog is to mostly feature cakes gone wrong, really wrong. This ranges from gross spelling errors, i.e "Marry Christnos", to grammatical errors, i.e. "Let's Snow!", to just really ugly cakes:

That one is for you, Chris and Lindy. A "beautiful" representation of a Longhorn...

A number of these cakes come from super market shelves, so I am pumped to run to the nearest Safeway and peruse the pre-made cakes.

At first glance, it doesn't seem that awesome, but I honestly am having trouble getting back to work and have had to stifle a number of giggles.

Also, it is up for a number of awards for the 2009 Bloggies If you enjoy this blog, I encourage you to give it a shout out at the Bloggies.


  1. Cakewrecks! I have seen a few myself, like (such as) the cake Bob bought me at Albertsons one year: "Happy 23st (or maybe it was 21rd) birthday." (It wasn't really my 23st birthday.)

  2. i literally spend hours at work making old man wheezy laughs at that blog. my cubible mates think i'm insane. (well, they kind of did before that, too.)


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