Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I can bake!

So this may or may not be over a week late, but I find it very hard to sit down at a computer anywhere else besides work. But today I have found myself home and in front of our computer. With this special occasion, I thought it was finally time to reveal the most delicious dessert I have EVER made.

I recently started following a number of blogs - mostly cooking blogs - like Bakerella, Orangette and Tartelette. I was inspired by their food photography and delicious recipes to create a Valentine's Day treat for Duncan. We personally think our anniversary (Feb 29th) is waaay cooler than Hallmark's Day of Love, but we can't ignore it, so we made a great dinner (I ate meat!) and followed it up with these tasty bites that took about 3 hours to create (including fridge time, not all work time).

Behold... Red Velvet Cake Balls!!!

For the first time in my life, I made a cake from scratch. Turns out Red Velvet takes FOUR TABLESPOONS of red food coloring - I cleaned our house out!

Baked me a cake, cooled it and CRUMBLED IT! Very satisfying.

Mix that crumbled cake with cream cheese frosting (not made from scratch...)

Roll into balls and refrigerate!

Then the best part, dip in delicious melted chocolate. And I decided to be festive and cover with love sprinkles.

Last step, CONSUME!


  1. Oh man...I gotta make me (and Bob) some red velvet cake balls! I don't think I've ever seen anything so fabulous....

  2. Thanks for those Bets. They were amazing...and Momlette, I saved you some, but I eated it.

  3. I also wanted to note that your photos are fantastic, particularly the shot of the all the little cake balls sitting on the pan waiting to be baked, and the last one showing the half-eaten insides. Have you considered professional photography as a career?

  4. Thanks for the cake and photo love Momlette! Actually, Dunc and I have been discussing adding a lens, fill light and backgrounds to our photography tool kit and taking photos more seriously.

  5. http://www.snopes.com/food/ingredient/bugjuice.asp

    In case you wondered about red food coloring!


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