Saturday, July 4, 2009

Red, White and Blue? I give you: Blue, Green and Purple.

As the fireworks wrap up here on the west coast, I thought I would share a photographic exploration I did yesterday morning... not as patriotic and exciting as Fourth of July fireworks, but I like them nonetheless.
We just so happen to have an insane number of water bottles in our house. Today's water bottle party consisted of Ms. Husky Alumni Purple, Big Blue, and Lil Green Camelback.
Blurry.... like stained glass!
Oooh, reflecty!

That is all. I will back to posting about food explorations shortly. Just picked a billion pounds of strawberries and raspberries, so I am sure something fun will come of that. (If you haven't picked your own berries before, I would strongly reccomend it. Cheap and delicious.)

Good night America! Happy Day (night) of Independance! I bet firework shows are still happening in Hawaii....

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  1. Hey Betsy and/or Duncan, It's Toby. Remember, that short dude that lives at that farm in that state you visited on the east coast? Yeah, that Toby, (just so as not to confuse you with other Toby's or other short dude's who live on farm's on the east coast you may know.)
    So anyways, I just wanted to see how you guys were doing. How's that place entitled 'Land of Milk and Honey, or Land of Soy and Agave? (Whatever the heck that means.)
    It's been pretty boring over on the farm in that state you visited on the east coast. (I'm serious. It's been very very dull, or gray, if you will. [Now that I think about it, gray isn't to dull, or gray, if you will.])
    When are you guys coming back to the land of dullness and depression? I'm lonely here on the east coast. I've been told, allmost 90% percent of forecasts in Seattle is overcast, (source: my mom) confirm or deny?
    TTYL. (Talk to you later.)
    TRF, (Toby F., R. F. Clippe, etc.)


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