Saturday, March 20, 2010

XXV xoxo

Today, I dedicate this post and this song to Mr. Duncan Hauenstein.

Why? Oh, you're silly. Obviously because it is Dunc's 25th Birthday!!!!

I'm super excited for our 26th year of life (and 6th year together!), it is gonna be a good one.

Back to the Duncanstein...

Welp, you see, Duncan is pretty much the best person in the world. I'm not even exaggerating. From the first day we met, though I tried to play it cool like I didn't care that much, I knew I had found someone awesome.

See how awesome? He totally gets my weird posing:
Here we are admiring each other our Freshman year in the dorms.

Turns out, we really like this pose...or something similar to it...

So, yes, freshman year, I knew pretty much right then that I had found my lobster, my other half, my Duncan Face! 

But less about me and more about Duncan:

He likes animals:

He likes growing things:

He likes his family:

He likes being a Hauenstein:

He likes coffee (and having two different colored eyes):

(He's also quite attractive.)

He likes being green:
And he likes his store, Whole Food Roosevelt Square
(learning about composting! fun!)

And he likes photography
(learning about landfills! also fun(ish)!)

He also likes a lot of other things, but for the sake of time and brevity, I will finish with this:

Happy Birthday Duncan! I'm excited to be your wife and celebrate birthdays married-style! Although I don't think our celebrations will change much, maybe just some "Happy Birthday Husband" cards... 

I know how much you love golf and all...

You are the love of my life AND the one that I love. Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Yeay! Family likes Dunkies also!!
    Happy birthday, funk soul brother!

  2. Hooray for Happy Birthdays, Duncans, and Betsys!

  3. Yer cute. Thanks wifey. M'loves.

  4. Happy birthday Duncan! (P.S. You better marry that girl, quick. She's special.)

  5. P.S.S. Ever since I checked your blog at 10:00, that song has been stuck in my head. "You are the love of my life, you are the love of my life..."

  6. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU are the love of my liiyyfe!

  7. Well isn't this just about the cutest thing ever made?

    I will take tons of pictures of you two admiring one another when you're here and we'll find you a dress to get married in.

  8. Soulmatesville! What a great place to live and be. Can't wait 'till July.

  9. Elizabeth Hauenstein-Hauenstein. Kinda rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Trust all those who have gone before you. One will be sufficient.


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