Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Seestor Begonia is Thirty!

Note, this is posting from the British Summer Time zone, sorry if it doesn't quite line up with the proper day of  the seventh of April.

(For any of my siblings that read this blog and are shocked by the lack of birthday posts on their respective days of birth, I apologize and will make sure to do so more thoroughly in 2010.)

Dear Elder Seestor,

As you reach the 30th anniversary of your birth, I would like to reflect upon all the things you taught me:

1. How to deceive Mother and Father to procure more sweets.
2. How to fight crime with the swiftest of ease.
3. How to become a double black belt in Jiu Jitsu while attending grammar school.
4. How to properly complete all tasks at finishing school while maintaining my boorish charm.
5. How to use glasses as an accessory and tool to look more intelligent.
6. How to tie all sorts of sailor's and Boy Scouts' knots.
7. How to pick locks (to procure more sweets).
8. How to illegally pirate Betamax tapes.
9. How to tame a rabid grizzly bear.

So perhaps none of the above is true. Nonetheless, my seestor is an incredible human being. She in fact has taught me a number of things and acted as an essential mentor when it comes to my education, my career and my life these days.

Here is a quick homage to my seestor Begonia, also known as Katy...

Katy has a great sense of humor and a massive love of holidays, mostly Christmas:

She also taught me how to make this face:

She loves her fambily and we love her!

And we love our chothers.

Thanks for being a great older seestor Katy face! I love you! Even with hair and glasses like these:

We do love Nelly, but this picture of the first three is too awesome not to (re)post.

Hooray Seestors!!!! Goooooo THIRTY!!!!


  1. Aaaaaaawwwwww. Thanks, seestor. I needed that! I love you!

  2. You know, all the cool people are turning 30 this year- 1980 rocks!


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