Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Semblance of a Normal Life

After a month of moving, the last few weeks of half-marathon training and working on wedding announcements, Duncan and I are finally settling into a more normal life.

We've spent the last month between two houses and we are now officially down to just one. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to cross that huge task off the list; and how excited I am to have a real home with Duncan (and Oly and Butters).

We are making serious progress towards organizing our new home and we can wait to have visitors and guests join us in the coming weeks.

I also crossed off another half marathon off the list this weekend at the Seattle Rock N Roll. It was a CRAZY big race with 28,000 runners and walkers. The race started in Tukwila and ended right next to Qwest field. The morning was crazy as we found over 2 miles of solid traffic to the runner drop off zone and I ended up walking over a mile and a half to the start line. Hey, I'm already about to run 13, why not warm up with a few miles? Right? Regardless, I just barely made it in time to drop off my gear, hit up the port-a-pottie and make it into my corral to start. There were over 35 corrals of runners, I was in corral 13 and it took 17 minutes for my corral to make it to the start line. This race is serious.

Anyway, the run went well enough and I PR-ed! WOO!

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They really don't want you to reuse the official photos, but here is my best try at snagging them. I look less like a t-rex than I normally do while running AND you may notice something missing that I usually wear...

No glasses! I started working in contacts last week and they have been awesome for running. Still a bit weird; I keep trying to push my phantom glasses up on my nose, it looks pretty cool.

Hopefully with a more normal life on the horizon, we can get back to some more food and animal related photography. Here's hoping!!!!


  1. Good Job Betsy! Did Logan tell you he saw you finish? Well he sorta did- he was watching the streaming video at the time you finished however I don't think he spotted you. And I've been meaning to try contacts for quite a while now, but I'm a wimp and I hate the idea of touching my eye!

    I also can't wait to see your new place! Hopefully we will have time during your super wedding weekend to stop by.

  2. Yep, now you can settle in, relax, and GET MARRIED!! And then you can actually relax...I think.

  3. Nice job on the PR, Betsy! I'm definitely pro-contacts when it comes to running and sweating in general. What kind of contacts do you use? My optometrist told me to try out the "use once and throw away" kind, but I had this feeling that he was trying to up-sell me or something.

  4. That is awesome that you guys were streaming the finish! Niiiice. I love running with contacts, Jody, you totally have to just start touching your eye balls more often! I was the kind of kid that loved to gross people out by touching mine... And Log, I have some sort of 2-4 week disposable contact, I wouldn't move to the one-a-days... seems wasteful!

  5. Yippy Betsy the 1/2 marathon machine! You are a certified, grade A bad ass. I will channel your spirit as I trudge through my 1.5 miles on my treadmill (yep, we got a treadmill 'cause this mama ain't runnin' in this here heat, dang it!) Besos, congrats and whatnots!

  6. Yes my dear, you are a studette!

  7. Betsy....Great pace for 13 miles, and you look fabulous at the finish! Can't wait to see you guys and your new house and cuddle with my grandpup and grandcat...


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