Friday, October 1, 2010

An Auction for Ray

Ray of Hope and Girl Power!

About this time last year, with the help of my family and friends, I raised over $300 for one of my favorite organizations, Girls on the Run while training for my first half marathon. This year, I am running the Portland Half Marathon with the Ray of Hope team. I've doubled my goal this year to $600 and am raising money for Ray of Hope and their Girls Empowerment Seminar. I'm still spreading Girl Power, but this time across the globe!

I am over half way to my goal, and Beth has graciously donated a birthday cake to help me finish it off. If you have not had the pleasure of enjoying a baked good a la Beth, then you are missing out, but you don't have to anymore! From tonight, Friday, October 1st until 5pm on Thursday, October 7th, you have the chance to bid on the birthday cake of your choice made from scratch by Beth.

A Riviera Cake, by Beth. Flourless chocolate sponge cake layered with mousse and lemon cream wrapped in dark and white chocolate and topped with chocolate curls. And yes, that was all made by hand from scratch.

The details for the auction are as follows: 

1. List your bid in the comments section below.
2. If I don't know you personally, and you bid, you must email me your full name and phone number at betsy [dot] elizabethjane at gmail [dot] com

1. The final, highest bid wins the cake.
2. I will announce the winner after 5pm on Thursday and directly contact them.
3. To confirm the winner, after I contact them, the person with the highest bid must donate said amount to Ray of Hope through my fundraising page here.

Getting the cake:
1. Once you are the confirmed winner, you will work directly with me and Beth to decide the type of cake and delivery method.
2. The proposed prize is a birthday cake, but if your actual birth date is too far away and you want your cake sooner, we will get you your cake asap!

Now get bidding and eat cake!!!

Thanks for joining in for a good cause.


  1. Ok, I'll bid $50 as long as I don't have to wait until my birthday.



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