Monday, April 20, 2009

HOT yoga

So for some reason, this Easter (April 12th, not Greek Easter) I decided it would be a REALLY good idea if I spent 90 minutes in a 100+ degree room doing intensive Bikram Yoga. And so I did. With a bunch of other crazy girls.

My friend Suzie bid and won a private session of Hot Bikram Yoga at the Sweatbox and invited a bunch of her girlfriends to join in. And so we did.

I have done yoga in the past, mostly Hatha, but I had never done anything like Bikram. In Hatha yoga, a lot of it is focused on flow where you do a series of poses and try to move seamlessly through them. Bikram has a lot of similar poses as Hatha except that you do them in an entirely different way - there are 26 moves and 2 breathing exercises and you go through them each twice and much quicker - Pose, Hold, Switch! Also, you do these poses in a very humid hot room.

Let me tell you, I have NEVER sweated this much. Check out our before and after photos...



Okay, so you can see the sweaty abs on some of the ladies, but check out a close-up...

Do you see the sweat-matted hair? Do you see that GIANT sweat spot on my stomach? See how shiny Suzie is? And this is all after we have left the hot room and toweled off a bit. Impressive, no? Well let me tell you, on a cold blustery Easter stepping into that "Sweatbox" seemed like a wondrous event. Until I started moving, and voila! I lost every single drop of sweat my body can produce. Hooray!!!!

And then there was Greek Easter... I think Dunc wants to write about that on his blog, so I will let him... oh the tension! Oh the anticipation!!!!

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