Monday, May 4, 2009

Green Monster and Professor K

Sooo, this post may be completely unappetizing, but I find it incredibly delicious and Duncan does too! That is, the feature of this post, not the post itself. Pondering the taste of a blog would begin a whole technological existential thought process that I do not want to follow.

But I digress... I give you the GREEN MONSTER (discovered here).

First off, I needed some ground flax and all I had was whole flax.

Whole Flax 



Ground Flax! WoOOooo!

You only need one tablespoon.

Add 2 cups of delicious, delicious Kale (that is its scientific name)

1 cup of almond milk

1 banana

Et voilĂ ! Un monstre vert!

I have been eating half this recipe for breakfast and Dunc has been adding spinach and crazy superfood powder... his is waaaaay healthier than mine, tastes healthier too. In a good way.

Butters also really likes it. Yes, I had the blender on the ground, I was trying to get better lighting...

NOW, for the big news. I am now officially domesticated. How? Why? What do I mean by this?

Weeeell, I made an adventure up to Target (Tar-jhay) yesterday in search of a food processor (I needed one to make these) and they were fresh out! So I crossed the street to Macy's, naturally, and bought one, plus a KitchenAid and two plates. Oh what? A KitchenAid stand mixer? You mean, my new baby, Professor K? (His bro is Wolverine, the food processor. If you got the Professor "K" - "X" reference without Wolverine, you are officially a nerd, and my new best friend.)

And now I will make bread, and cookies, and cinnamon rolls, and bagels, and whipped cream, and meringue and gain 87 lbs. 

Thank you.


  1. You can make me some of those things and send them to my house? THANKS! Good sister...

  2. Are we talking the "Dreaming of Donuts" raw balls or the monster? The smoothie will not transport great...

  3. How about meringue? Will the egg whites set up well enough for UPS ground?

  4. Yes, if you auto-ship them through the Flying Fish guys in Pike Place; they ship their fish anywhere in the US via 48 hours UPS shipment. Hop to it Bets!


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