Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Professor K creates something!

I say Professor K, because I really didn't have to do much... that crazy prof is magical.

After reading Real Food, I have been thinking about baking with coconut oil, which apparently was super popular back in the days before shortening and margarine, so I hunted some down - and now it is DANG expensive. But alas, I will sacrifice a few dollars for deliciousness. I used Whole Foods (I know, weird! I went to Whole Foods?) 365 organic, unrefined, expeller pressed virgin coconut oil.

Oh wait, what am I making??? Well, Logan and Jody came to town and I had planned to make them cookies before they got here, but instead they had to enjoy them fresh out of the oven, poor them!!!! I decided to make these: Chocolate Chunk Cookies with coconut oil.

So, go there for the recipe if you want to enjoy them, and you will, they were gooood. The coconut oil has a super strong scent, but tastes like almost nothing, yet when baked adds just a hint of coconut flavor... uh-mazing. I leave you with some photos of the action. And now I have to go check on the fresh french bread Dunc and I are making. Homemade bread! WEEEE!

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  1. Okay, that does it. Betsy, you HAVE to do a cooking show, or at least start a cooking blog. Or maybe you can just do a cooking entry every day. The photos are fantastic, and I NEED a chocolate chunk cookie now!


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