Sunday, May 31, 2009

Misc. Kitchen Adventures!!!

This may come as a surprise to some of you (or NOT! Hahahah, NOT jokes are the best, am I right???) but I like to take pictures of food; specifically food Dunc and I make. I don't know where it came from - maybe Duncan, or the goddess of photography, or the numerous food blogs I follow - but somehow I have become artistically and deliciously inspired by my food adventures.

But alas, I do not always follow through entirely with my kitchen experiments, photographically speaking. So this week will feature my food photos and recipes from the last few weeks.

Mmmmmmm, fooood photooooooos....

First off, I don't have photos of the final product (it wasn't very pretty... but tasted DELISH!), but I do have a photo of the ingredients for Strawberries and Cream Bread Pudding - yes, amazing I know...
This is what I decided to do with the first bread Duncan and I made. Recipe was found here, but I added like quadruple the amount of strawberries. Why? Because they are delicious and who asks such silly questions?!??!

Next, no "expert" photographic documentation of my foray into the Pioneer Woman's Orange-Marmalade version of her cinnamon rolls, but evidence of their deliciousness no less!
I would like to eat them all, please!
Rob and Sarah came over to enjoy a Memorial Day breakfast with us, and to be mildly creepy in the morning... Thanks Rob!

And for our Memorial Day din din, I was inspired to cook up some Copper River Sockeye Salmon. If you aren't familiar with Copper River salmon, you may need to shed a little tear right now. But honestly if you don't live in Washington or the Pacific Northwest, those words may mean nothing to you - but THEY SHOULD. In short, Copper River Salmon is THE BEST SALMON you can eat IN THE WORLD. SERIOUSLY. Look at it:

We covered 1.71 pounds of this deliciosity with olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh onion and garlic chives from Dunc's garden - topped it off with some lemon slices, surrounded it with bell peppers and put the foil packet of amazing on the grill. Oooooh, Dear Salmon of the Sky, thank you for this most delicious and nutritious fish. No words... well I guess a few words can describe it, see above. 

Buuuut, I was a bit over zealous with our Memorial day dinner - I also grilled some marinated asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes, new potatoes, and broccoli and threw some of Dunc's baguette on the grill. It was more than enough food. And we did not eat all of the Copper River wonders. Not one to waste such an amazing fish, I whipped up a quiche. I say whipped because although I do not photograph my quiche (until now) - I make it fairly often. This quiche is an example of how sweet and simple Betsy Quiche can be...
Takes about 10-15 minutes of prep...
I use a frozen, buttery-tasting (although vegan), whole wheat frozen crust from Whole Foods. Cook some veggies or meat or fish, in this case, mix it with a few eggs, a splash or so of milk and some cheese. Pour it in the crust. Bake at 375 for 30 or so minutes et voilĂ  - quiche!

And because I have attempted to take some other photos of things I didn't cook... here!
Some delicious wine I got from Garagiste - I usually am a red wine kinda girl, but this was a good citrusy white, not too sweet.

And a photo of my friend Kelly's engagement ring. We spent last Saturday hunting for her dream wedding dress and when we came home she was talking about sending photos of her re-set engagement ring to her mom in Trinidad. Welp, I love taking photos, I love Kelly, (I do not love diamonds... I know weird, aren't Diamonds supposed to be a girl's best friend?), but again, I love photos and Kelly - so I snapped a few for her mom, and I thought this one wasn't too shabby!

And some of the animals - which I definitely did not cook - but they are so beautiful.

Butters enjoying the lush grass in the backyard. He gets supervised outdoor time only.

Although I caught Dunc's arm/hand in these photos, I just love them - they totally show Oly reacting to a treat (in this case, some fresh baguette).
Oly "speaking" softly.
Oly happy and ready for bread.


  1. It's a good thing that you put the salmon into a foil pocket of amazing, because it's the only foil that can physically contain fish of that caliber. The use of normal foil under those conditions can trigger dangerous aromatic rainbow explosions. And by dangerous I mean delicious. But the explosions are still technically dangerous to some degree, so we're glad you are safe.

  2. OH Bleebly! You are the funniest, cutest little writer ever. And your pictures are lovely. And I love you and you are a smart girl. And you need to write a lot more every day OK? And I am commenting on your blog because I am also a smrt girl.. S-M-R-T Smart.


  3. I love that first photo of Butters. I swear he is smiling at me!

    Do you have a link to the strawberries and cream bread pudding recipe?

    Your blog always makes me laugh. And that quiche! Will you come live with us? You can bring Dunc, Butters and Oly with you.

  4. Never mind--I just found the link you already posted....

  5. The cleverness, humor and creativity you exhibit in you blogs, betsy, puts ours (or at least mine) to shame. As your Mother said in her comment, you need to write a lot more. A food based novel, perhaps? Duncan, as good as your blogs are, she's gotcha' beat!!

  6. Thanks fambily! I appreciate the writing props! I am trying to write more often, but I have that whole pesky job thing...


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