Thursday, September 3, 2009

All Grows Up!

Welp, another Waddams-McKillicuddy has hit the 24 mark. One of my best friends, Mr. Brett Horn, moved back across the country, got an awesome job and today turned the big 2-4. 

I know, he's old.

Dunc, Brett and I met in our first few days in the dorms of McCarty Hall our freshman year (although Brett was way ahead of us... younger and already further through his undergrad... over achiever!). The three of us quickly joined forces to become the most awesome dorm family that ever existed... The Waddams-McKillicuddy Family.

We had a number of adventures, mud wrestling, playing in the snow (through the quad to the gymnasium!), traveling to Canada, you know the usual. Even to this day, with full time jobs, living in different cities or states, crazy life decisions, ch-ch-changes and the like, Brett still manages to be even awesomer than the day we all created our faux family and we still manage to squeeze in an adventure or two. 

With that brief history of our family, here is a pictorial ode to Brett on his birfday:

The aforementioned mud wrestling.
Canadia! Notice that both Brett and Dunc are holding the bears paws. Aww...
Bowling! Brett likes to act like a dragon sometimes. Or is that a bear...
He also makes really good Blue Steel-esque faces...

Not our snow adventure in the quad, but equally awesome.

Possibly one of the best photos.

Here's to you Brett! Happy Birthday!!! You're old like me! And I'd be remiss, if I didn't provide this birthday wish for you...

Oh and Brett really likes beer, so drink a good one for him. Cheers!


  1. That's fantastic, Bleeps. So fantastic that I think I'll go drink one of those beers of which you speak.

  2. I couldn't outdo that. And I guess I'm a "lazy douchebag". So happy birthday Brett.


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