Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I got worse!

Well not worse than before, but worse than last month... I ran another 10K this weekend and it was significantly less flat than the Covey Run I ran last month. So with the addition of hills (Covey was almost completely flat. I am going sub-50 next year... 48?) I guess a one minute addition isn't too terrible. But I still can't help be unsatisfied.


As previously stated, I suffer from a competitive problem... so I definitely plan on running both these 10Ks again and kicking my own booty. Seriously.

Here I am finishing the Bank to Bay 10k. I'd say since I could smile and wave at the finish, I probably should have pushed it a bit more... yeah?

In other running news, I have the most awesome friends and family EVER! As a Girls on the Run SoleMate, I am required to raise $262 (but I'm aiming for $1,310) with my upcoming half marathon. In dollars pledged and gifts already in the door, we are over halfway to the required amount and more than 10% to super high reaching goal. You all are the best, thank you so much for helping me complete my first half marathon with a purpose and helping to foster a generation of strong and healthy young women.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

If you still would like to support Girls on the Run, I have a fundraising page here.

Only 17 more days til Leavenworth!


  1. I ran a bunch of 10K's back in my running days + 4 marathons. Funny thing is I can't remember a single time. Not one. I do however remember than I finished every race that I started. Some people were ahead of me, some behind. Relax and enjoy the ride. If not, we'll require you to wear an achiever T-shirt 24/7.

  2. I'm in that picture!


  3. Go, go, go! Be strong tomorrow! You are my hero!!!!


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