Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Pre-Thankful

So I just tried to be a good blogger and come back with a vengeance... a full post with a list of 15 things I am thankful for, a bajillion photos, and my recipe list for Thanksgiving this year in case anyone needed inspiration.

Unfortunately, the internet HATES it when you give thanks and erased all 2 1/2 hours of work. Thank you internet. You are awesome. But as it is now midnight and I have lost all creativity and spunk, that leaves you, my dear friends and family, with a much shorter post.

In the words of one of my favorite characters:"Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

First, I give you my list of people, places, animals, things (NOUNS?) I am thankful for... well maybe a few verbs or adjectives might fall in here too:

1. My FAMBILY! All of you, "nuculur" (nuclear), extended, in-"law", made-up (read: Waddams-McGillicuddy)...And instead of the 10 photos showing ALL my loved ones that I am so dang thankful to have in my life, I give you this:

Look at that all American fambily!

2. Duncan Face. Although he most certainly fits into the above category, he deserves his own number. Dunc, you are the awesomest of the awesomes.
Aaaaaaand! I love you.

Here, have some love pretzels.

3. Animals! Ours, yours, theirs, the Arctic's (I'm talking to you Polar Bears!), the kingdom in general... the animal kingdom that is.

4. Wonderful friends... and the best race cheer squad EVER.

5. A roof over my head, clothes on my back, food in the fridge and a bed to call my own!

I had 10 more, but me sleepy. So I will share more later. Because SHARING IS CARING!!!

Photo cred- Scholastic via Amazon

And now, I will provide you with the kick booty recipes I will be mixing up for Thanksgiving (my first as an omnivore in 6 years!):

Mushroom, cheese and vegetable strudel (Only change to recipe: I will be creating single serving pieces like triangles of spanakopita.) I made this last year and it was an awesome vegetarian entree and totally tasTAY!

THE BEST Cranberry Chutney in existence. Seriously. I cannot tell a lie... or was that someone else. Regardless, I am not lying when I speak of the level of deliciousness this recipe achieves.

Pumpkin Pasties Harry Potter style. Basically Pumpkin Hand Pies made with an incredibly flaky, tasty crust. (Logan, if you haven't tried this crust, do it!!! Just follow all her tips and you will bust out something awe inspiring.)
Side note: I will also be making vegan pies that will not have such a buttery crust, but still good... no butter... thus not buttery.

A new addition to my cooking repertoire, Smitten Kitchen's Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pie. I'm excited for this one. PIEEEEEE!

So there you have it! THANKS for reading and THANKS for being awesome. I will be back with more THANKS soon! I promise.


  1. Stupid Internets! Awesome post! I wish I had the same inspiration for cooking that you do- good thing I married Logan!

  2. Betsy, your blog entries may be infrequent, but they are always FABULOUS. We are trying to decide whether to cook at home this year (which is a lot more fun when a bunch of kids are home to join us), or go to a restaurant. Your comments make me want to "do" Thanksgiving at home--especially the part about sweet potato pie! (Love the photos of Oly and Butters, by the way. Butters has such cute puffy cheeks, and Oly has such a distinguished-looking grey beard!)

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaand, I love you too, Beeps.

  4. Betsy, as you know, I buy my crusts and have been very satisfied with Mrs. Pillsbury. My Mother never liked the idea of my "boughten" crusts. Have you tried the recipe in this blog? I'm tempted!

    We've (we?) decided to sorta' cook at home. Will buy the turkey from Marie, then do everything else ourselves. Only Chris coming over - Devon's in Fla. Her Dad had a slight stroke. Hope your Thanksgiving is off the charts fabulous. By the way, there's a great looking apple crisp recipe in yesterday's Parade. I think I'm going to try it.

  5. And, oops I forgot: THANKS for being the bestest Betsy ever and bringing so very much to our lives.

  6. Argh. Web-based apps. All that work! Here's something to cheer you up:

    gotta love gorilla theater...

  7. Jody - you can totally cook and with Logan's and your powers combined... I se a kitchen masterpiece!

    Momlette- I wish we could have T-Giving together, I would bring the pie crust and make more pies with Bob!

    Bob- The Smitten Kitchen crust has yet to fail me. Try it!!! Hope Devon's dad is doing better - we'll be thinking of and giving thanks for our families!

    Dad- That video made my day at work today. Why can't I be a part of one of those!?!?!


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