Monday, November 23, 2009

Pre-Thankful Part II

Since the internet's hatred of Thanksgiving hindered by complete list over the weekend, I am going to attempt to sneak more Thanks under the internet's nose. Tricky, I know, but I think with a little patience and cunning, I will succeed.

I will attempt to do so.... right now!

Nouns (mostly) I am thankful for continued....

If you missed out, I am also thankful for these: Family, Duncan, Animals, Friends, Hearth & Home...

6. The ability to run, dance, jump and generally frolic. I think far too often, the simple (or maybe not so simple) things are taken for granted. With a few minor injuries in the bag, I have been trying to more thoroughly appreciate the fact that I have a body that allows me to run half marathons, dance while cleaning, dance while running (yes, sometimes I cannot help it and end up busting a move while running), dance at weddings, dance at work (only the most professional of dancing of course, like the foxtrot), dance at parties (I like to dance),  walk my dog, jump on the bed, rustle and shuffle fall leaves and jump in puddles.

7. A job, with benefits. I enjoy supporting the work of the University of Washington and as for the bennies... I use them, a lot.

Photo Credit - Atomic Taco via Wikimedia Commons

8. Dunc's Whole Foods employment, which he enjoys and also provides us with a discount. Hooray for delicious, nutritious, affordable food!

9. Girls on the Run! I love volunteering with this group and it only keeps getting better. For example, last week I met my "girl buddy" to whom I am her "running buddy". We ran a practice 5K together and will be running the race together on December 12th. My girl buddy is the coolest 8 year-old I have met in a long time. Why, you ask? Welp, when all the 3rd - 5th grade girls at the program site were asked who their favorite bands were, she said the Talking Heads. Take that Jonas Brothers!!! How cool is that?

Photo Credit - Rolling Stone

10. VACATIONS! And traveling in general. Traveling to see family, to tropical paradises, to the Oregon Coast. What a wonderful way to spend time.

I am exceptionally excited to have a mini vacation beginning in one day. I just wish we could gather and give thanks with all of our family that stretches from one coast to the other... everyone, please move closer. THANKS!

I will be spending all of Wednesday cooking, baking and photographing with my Mamsie. I see a food post in the near future. Until then, much love to you all, Happy Thanksgiving and have fun cooking up a storm.

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  1. Papa says he is so impressed with the quality of your cooking. The texture or the sweet potato pie was excellent! MAMZ


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