Sunday, January 3, 2010

I love potatoes.

SWEET potatoes! And Molokai purple potatoes... and the purple potatoes we recently received in our CSA box... I really do love potatoes.

Why all the potato love? Because this evening, we cooked up a bunch more potatoes in the beauty of a cassoulet dish with some chicken, beets and red wine. DELISH!

Our CSA box provides us with an abundance of potatoes:

Les pommes de terre! (This is one of my favorite French words, literally, the apple of the earth. Ahhh, ze french. Sometimes they get it so right!)

As you can see, I cut them all up and threw them in the baking dish along with some onions, smashed garlic, salt, A LOT of pepper, and some of these beauties:
These are Full Circle Farm Chioggia beets and your standard red beet. I love beets too. I am a bit like Brick Tamland, I just look at things (read: food) and fall in love.

 Here all the veggies mixed up with a bit a lot of olive oil and ready for a hot oven!

Although this isn't really a new recipe (I didn't find it in one of my new cookbooks), I thought this could still qualify as meeting my once-a-week-new-recipe/food-blog resolution. Yeah?

Go now, put many delicious things into a pot and cook it. You will not be disappointed. And watch Anchorman, because Steve Carell will make you smile.

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