Monday, January 18, 2010

Adventures in Texas with Lindy and the Pretzel!

I know Lindy gave you all/most of the details about last week's adventures in Austin/Round Rock/Pfluggerville, but for those of you who don't visit facebook (lin posted a bunch of these photos) or Picasa (Dunc's albums), here is a photo recap from my camera:

My first night there, we needed to watch the Rose Bowl (Longhorns!) so we headed to Sushi Mimi (I think...) and I took these lovely gems.

Then we came home and hung out with the animals:





Rick! loves Chris.

The next day after a Whole Foods visit, I cooked up some risotto and Chris worked his magic on some chicken:

And we made some mulled cider! It was real cold in Texas. (My fault?)

And then it was time for Baby Shower Day! Before the shower, Lauren (Lody) and I ran around Lady Bird Lake. It was totally awesome.

The red dotted lines show all the options there are around the lake. It was super awesome. Cold, but awesome.

To the shower!

Growing belly!

Lizard made this beautiful diaper cake.

Betsy (Henson, not me) made these delicious wraps.

Lizard's hand decorated cake and Lindy and I made cake balls!

Two headed pregnant lady!

Attempts at guessing Riley's name.

Cathy and Rhyan, too cute.

Baby Taylor loves her hands.

Belly string!

Lin with all the presents!

Confused over the Moby wrap thing.

This is why... many instructions...

Totally worth it. Baby wrap!

Little Lindy decided to tie up Lauren.

And here Lauren is teaching us how to cut a cake without ruining the frosting. Floss!!! AMAZING.

Of course, before I left, we had to go to Chuy's!

Oh Riley, your parents are so awesome.

Chuy's chips!

Lindy takes great pictures. Seriously.

Thanks Lindy and Chris (And Rick! and Jess and Phil) for hosting me Texas-style! I can't wait to come back and see the little Pretzel live and in person!


  1. I'm jealous of your mad camera skills- you must be working on that resolution of yours! One day, I shall acquire such skills and we can have a photography duel! (but not yet, you'd kick my ass)...

  2. Your pics are so much more dramatic than mine. Riley can has your camera for her birfday? (: Oh man, I wish y'all lived next door instead of thousands of miles away. At least there's a direct flight here/there. It's back up to the 70's this week...hahahaha

  3. Thanks for leading with the picture of me eating noodles...or is it a picture of me pulling noodles out of my mouth? Only the three of us know the truth. I like the rest of the pictures. Ok. Bye now.

  4. I enjoy walking around with a mouthful of makes things interesting, especially for those engaging you in conversation! Hehehe


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