Thursday, February 4, 2010

We may or may not enjoy photographing our animals... maybe...

It might be apparent that Duncan and I really like our animals. 
It isn't? Well we do. 
Oh you want proof do you? 
Okay, so 90% of the pictures on our camera look like the following:

I call this one "nose" 

I call these ones "toes"... 
(I'm very creative when it comes to naming pieces. I do love how Oly falls asleep in the best positions. 
Like this one, with all his feet neatly in a pile. Good dog)

(Much better than Butter's preferred form of co-habitating 
which involves attacking Oly's face, legs or tail.)

"Smooshedcatfacepie" by Duncan (He is better at naming... I will try harder.)

"Kitten Nose?" "Hanger face?" (I really need to get better at this. But I do have some context for this one. This is Butters being very helpful as I cleaned and organized the closet. He attacked the hangers and clothes I had on the bed, then burrowed beneath the clothes and passed out. Good cat.)

Okay, this series I am calling "I can has focus" and are all of Butters looking out the window. But what is he staring so intently at? Any guesses?

(Seeerious focus here. I can't even distract him with my lens in his face.)

What is it, you ask? Kind of obvious actually....


I think the crow knew that Butter Butt was watching and couldn't get at him. What a jerk.

And there you have it. Animals are awesome and only one (or two) of the many reasons why having our new lens ROCKS!!! More photos of other things besides animals to come. Well more things AND more animals.

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