Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowpocalypse, meet El Nino

After reading Jody's blogs and talking to Log and Jod (mind the loooong o's) about the crazy crazy weather they are having, I was reminded of just how ginormous the US is and how incredibly different the Atlantic and Pacific coasts can be.

While Logie and Jody are stuck under two feet of crazy blizzard, lovingly named the "Snowpocalypse," Dunc and I are enjoying the warm temperatures that are part and parcel to a Pacific climate patten known as El Nino. If you aren't familiar with El Nino, this video should be quite helpful and informative. Or if you actually want to learn about it, check out these guys.

To demonstrate just how different the weather between the two coasts can be, this is what I did today:

Yes, it was 60 degrees today and I went running in shorts and a t-shirt. Although technically I am just sitting in the front yard with Oly Bear. But I promise you, I did run and 'twas warm. El Nino, you are awesome. And Oly, you are too.

If only you wouldn't play so hard to get... jerk...


  1. Oly, a jerk!?!! No way. But it does look like he's playing hard to get.

    And boy do I wish it was running weather back here. I'm supposed to start my 1/2 marathon training in earnest next week but I'm beginning to think we'll still have several inches of snow on the ground! I've already gotten frost nip twice this year from my fake barefoot running. Alas.

  2. Twas 60 degrees here yesterday, too, but we're all still in our long pants n' jackets 'cause that's bit BIT on the chilly side for those of us living on the outskirts of Hellville.

  3. Hey! You have new glasses (Bets not Oly)!

  4. All these years I've been wondering what "El Nino" really meant. Thanks to you and Chris F for finally enlightening me!

  5. Yeah, Chris Farley and I really know our meteorology!

  6. just found your blog and am loving it! Oly is too cute ;)


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