Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day! And Brother's Birfday!

Happy day after Christmas! I hope you all are enjoying a relaxing Saturday after the holidays. Dunc is working half a shift at Whole Foods and Napoleon is currently resting his head on my hand while I type... his very subtle hint that he a) would like some attention b) would like to go on a walk or c) would like both with a treat added in for good measure. He has become an increasingly spoiled dog since (for the first time) he was lucky enough to spend Christmas with us.

He was a very good Christmas dog:

Happy Holidays!

Funny face. I love it when he makes this face.

Although there is far too much light in this photo, I love it. He looks like he is celebrating Christmas in the snow!

Do these photos seem even more awesome than normal? Hopefully they do, because Dunc received a new lens for our camera from Dad and Thonky and WE LOVE IT. Unnecessary photo taking ensued after unwrapping:

Necessary. Dunc's doing.

Blurry, but I love the mid-yawn capture.

On top of all the holiday fun, today is my big browsky's birthday. Rob is lucky enough to have his birthday right smack dab after a major holiday. Usually he has the pleasure of celebrating his day driving home from Portland, but today he is spending his day on the slopes of Crystal Mountain and we will be dining on Seattle's finest burgers this evening (burger joint TBD). So in honor of Rawb's day of birth, I give you a tribute:

He was quite the professional child.Wearing argyle and Top Sider's...

Making his own Halloween costumes...

And attending school in the finest of forms... with a mullet...

He grew up to be a fine man:

with great hygiene and pearly whites...
(He also snagged him an awesome lady that we are so happy to have as a part of the fambily!)

And always acting in the most serious manner.

That's my brother Rob!

Happy Birfday RAWB! Much love!

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