Monday, December 28, 2009

Who loves Polar Bears?!??!

I love Polar Bears a lot. I get pretty depressed whenever I think about how more and more starve to death each year because the ice doesn't form soon enough for them to begin hunting... thanks climate change.

BUT on a more positive note, because of my love for the bears and for running, I will once again be running into Lake Washington on January 1st. Best race of the year, hands down.

Dunc will be joining me this year and we will be competing as a "Double Dip Team" - which means both our times will be added up together to compete for the title of most awesome Male-Female Double Dip Team EVER! I am hoping after almost a year of improved fitness that this time will be much improved:

Elizabeth Evans
bib number:1451
location:Seattle, WA
overall place:172 out of 712
division place:12 out of 94
gender place:42 out of 347

If you can't find a freezing lake to run in to honor the polar bear, check out these sites and hey, maybe support the cause?

Happy Almost New Year!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, I wanted to do this. Well not the running part just the dip.

    PS. I'm loving your pictures and your blog!


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